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  1. North Lancashire Residents Make Broadband History
  2. B4rn is go go go!!
  3. B4RN launch video, courtesy of Lunar Creative Video
  4. Supporters
  5. February Newsletter
  6. February leap year newsletter
  7. Dig 2 a Gig. Press release. March 14th.
  8. Mid March News, jobs, digging the first sod.
  9. Phase One Core route map
  10. Photos from dig launch
  11. Daily mail article on the community fibre initiative of b4rn
  12. A B4RN-storming Media Week
  13. B4RN launch video, courtesy of Lunar Creative Video
  14. Supporters
  15. The week when Skype showed it’s true value
  16. Hacker Public Radio Podcast Interview with Chris Conder
  17. Latest B4RN Coverage on BBC North West
  18. Our first B4RN highlight video
  19. Customer view of what 1000 Mbps means to them ... life changing
  20. Uploads + Data Caps = Rural Business Restrictions.
  21. BBC Radio 4 “You and Yours” B4RN Report
  22. B4RN Digging IT
  23. BBC’s “The One Show” B4RN Feature
  24. Joining on a house
  25. Sponsor a Metre?
  26. Broadband Service Speed Test Demonstration Tool
  27. Digital Parish Hubs
  28. Getting All The Ducts In A Row – The First Sponsor Names Go On The Duct
  29. Eric Ollerenshaw Invites Jeremy Hunt to B4RN
  30. B4RN Selected As Finalist in ISPA Awards
  31. B4RN’s Chris Conder meets the EU VP
  32. B4RN Invited to Present to EU Digital Champs
  33. ComputerActive Reports on B4RN Euro Outing
  34. Radio Lancs Covers B4RN ISPA Award Finalist Nomination
  35. Rural Broadband on BBC Sunday Politics Show
  36. B4RN Wins ISPA Internet Hero Award
  37. Narr Lodge Gets Its B4RN Inspection Chamber
  38. EU Digital Agenda Assembly 2012 Highlights
  39. JFDI fibre ducting into the homes
  40. The Race to Light Speed is On
  41. Arkholme joins the race
  42. Fibre Blowing and Duct Sponsors
  43. There She Blows!!!
  44. B4RN Phase 1 Coverage Clarification
  45. Extreme Digging
  46. Google Fibre Registration Period Ends
  47. Abbeystead Village Hall Dig
  48. B4RN Nominated for Prestigious Industry Award
  49. Arkholme Core Route Duct Dig Photos
  50. Guest Post – Arkholme Extreme Diggers
  51. B4RN Shortlisted as Finalist in The #coops2012 Awards
  52. Digging News Update
  53. Acronym Overload? What does it all mean?
  54. We learn how to fleet fibre.
  55. November Newsletter
  56. More New Skills: Fleeting and Blowing the Fibre
  57. B4RN The Movie. A New Fund Raising Idea?
  58. North West Tonight Abbeystead
  59. BBC Radio Lancashire – B4RN First Connections
  60. Fusion Splicing in Arkholme
  61. Blowing in the wind and fleeting in the sleet… with Pete.
  62. How Do You Know When Fibre is Clean? It Sings!
  63. December newsletter and Thank You
  64. New Year. New Connections.
  65. “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley”
  66. PRESS RELEASE – B4RN Connect Public Drop In Day
  67. PRESS RELEASE : BBC News article on Fast Broadband
  68. The B4RN Open Day – A Summary
  69. Fujikura 12S
  70. Protected: I Want to Help.
  71. Got B4RN? Get Backed Up!
  72. Guest Blog – New Customer Experience
  73. Guest Blog – Leaping into the 21st Century
  74. B4RN and Emtelle Show – Tell day.
  75. Fibre 2 Abbeystead
  76. A Grand Day Out
  77. Interview with Penelope Bossom from Overbury Estate
  78. Maria Miller Thanks B4RN Team After Visit
  79. Newton’s Law. The Next Village to Get Fibre
  80. Your new connection
  81. Come On (line) Eileen
  82. B4RN & Emtelle Show-Tell Day #2
  83. Well hello Summer!
  84. The Sounds of Summer – Sponge Hitting Bottle
  85. B4RN & Emtelle Show-Tell Day #3
  86. A Helping Hand from Canterbury
  87. B4RN Project Gets Extra Traction. The 4×4 Kind.
  88. Well hello Autumn
  89. Help sheet for setting up a phone service on B4RN
  90. B4RN & Emtelle Show-Tell Day #4
  91. B4RN Community Rallies Following Theft
  92. B4RN Shows the Wray To The Light
  93. Rural Broadband – The Difference it’s Made to Me
  94. Land Rover, The Princes Trust & B4RN
  95. B4RN & Emtelle Show-Tell Day #5
  96. Dolphinholme – Snorkels, Triffids and Fibre
  97. B4RN & Emtelle Show-Tell Day #6
  98. B4RN now hiring!
  99. B4RN Shortlisted in Techworld 2014 Awards
  100. B4RN & Emtelle Show-Tell Day #7
  101. Two MBEs for B4RN
  102. Case study SME
  103. Wayleave Administrator – temporary vacancy
  104. B4RN features Local Heroes in June issue of Saga