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  1. Will BT deliver faster Broadband to rural Kent and Sussex, before 2015?
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  19. AutoCAD network design person
  20. BBC Science & Environment article on fibre at 2.5 Terabit, or 66 DVDs a second - WOW!
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  27. BT to raise standard telephone line rental - affects ALL broadband customers
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  29. Leased lines - the "alternative" to decent broadband for a business
  30. B4RS to attend NextGen 12 (Next Generation Broadband)
  31. BT blamed for UK missing out on fibre gold
  32. Sabhal Mor Ostaig is hosting a broadband conference on the isle of Skye, Scotland
  33. Im in Speldhurst and now have 6.5K speed at last
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  36. Israel starts 7 year project to deploy FTTH to two thirds of the country ...
  37. Bt speed tester web address has changed
  38. Why wireless fixed broadband is dead - or dying at the very least
  39. Sky breaks ADSL broadband with "too many users" - must be the 5.99 deal!
  40. FTTC and anything using copper is a WASTE OF TIME - Peter Cochrane
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  42. Message notification
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  50. Nice write-up of the B4RN model for Lincolnshire