• Langton Green BT cabinets - where and what they look like!

    Fibre to the Cabinet

    The BT Infinity advertising refers to "street cabinets" (that's the C in FTTC) which have fibre cable run out from the telephone exchange to them. Inside the cabinet a power supply powers up some boxes whicn then provide the faster broadband over your normal telephone cables. You do need a special modem to use it (VDSL2 is the technical name), and the distance it reaches isn't as good as the "normal" broadband provided by the exchange.

    Here are a couple of pictures of a cabinet positioned on Langholme Road in Langton Green. We're not sure who is or isn't connected to this, or whether this cabinet has space/capability for FTTC upgrade. Usually, a slightly larger and greener cabinet is positioned next to these for housing the FTTC equipment.

    The graffiti isn't mine, nor the photography. It was a November 2011 photo, with the appropriate foliage backdrop.