• Speldhurst Parish BT cabinets

    An earlier article gave a short explanation of the role of "street cabinets" and showed some photographs of the BT cabinet in Langholme Road at the start of the twitten (around 100 yards from the BT Exchange). There are 3 other street cabinets in Langton Green and they are shown below:

    This is the Farnham Lane cabinet, located on the corner of Dornden Drive. It is connected to properties up to the border with Rusthall and towards Speldhurst (ending at Bunt House Lane)

    This is the Gipps Cross cabinet, located just past the bus stop on the Langton Road. It is connected to surrounding properties, down almost as far as the Farnham Lane cabinet. It also covers part of Stonewall Park Road, part of Holmewood Ridge, some properties further south and also futher along Langton Road towards the garage.

    This is the Newlands cabinet and it is located on the corner of Newlands and Langton Road. It covers surrounding properties and down into Hither Chantlers, including part of Holmewood Ridge.