• BDUK/KCC Initiative News

    The first of the Speldhurst Parish Broadband Working Groupís improvement initiatives is already quite advanced. In January 2012, KCC was successful in winning grant funding of almost £10 million from the UK governmentís Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) programme for broadband development projects in Kent and Medway. KCC has to make available a matching sum. This funding will be used for projects proposed by communities that were considered practicable and needed. Based on the 2011 Parish broadband survey findings, KCC felt it could justify funding a project that would upgrade to fibre optic, 3 of the 4 BT street cabinets in Langton Green. KCC indicated the rationale was influenced by population density and that the selected BT street cabinets would be those in Langholm Road, at Gipps Cross and at the end of Newlands (see the article on BT street cabinets). KCC also indicated that it may see whether a wireless solution can be applied to the remaining cabinet (at the junction of Farnham Lane/Dornden Drive). KCC believes those who are connected directly to the Exchange (around 170 properties) will not receive a fibre optic solution.

    At this stage the above should still be considered more as an expectation than a firm intention. KCC is now nearing the completion of its period of "engagement" with network operators (BT, Virgin etc) to check whether there are any existing plans for the upgrading of local broadband services (see note on BT's recent upgrading of Langton Exchange to ADSL2+). Once this engagement stage has been completed, and if there are no existing plans for providing superfast broadband (greater than 25Mbps), then KCC will go to tender with network operators seeking proposals for upgrading Langton Green to superfast broadband. It is KCC's expectation, based on its experience and knowledge of the Langton Green broadband infrastructure, that a likely proposal will be the upgrading of the aforementioned 3 cabinets to fibre optic. The funding split is likely to be around 25% from BDUK, 25% from KCC and 50% from the telecoms operator that wins the tender

    In terms of timing, KCC now expects to be at the stage of closing the engagement/consultation stage early August 2012, followed by assessment, and with completion of procurement early 2013 and with implementation during the third quarter of 2013.
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      RobL -
      It's becoming clearer that this is a KCC level initiative, and that it is likely to result in some benefits for a percentage of the parish residents close to specific cabinets. What benefits and which residents we won't know until it happens.We are messengers only, but we'll keep you appraised via this forum when we do hear something. You might know before us if you get a letter saying "we're digging up your road". Do please let us know if that happens!