• Why COPPER broadband from BT is a technology cul-de-sac

    FTTC - Fibre to the Cabinet is a technology Cul-de-sac

    For reasons we are unlikely to be told about, KCC have given their 10m of BDUK money to BT, and BT are doing stuff in and around Langton and Speldhurst. The coloured blob maps of who is getting what speed when, are available here. That is the only detail KCC are currently releasing, despite BT's Sean Williams saying to the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee that BT have no objection to releasing postcode (at least) level data, so we continue to be in the dark about who will actually get what. Just as importantly, even if you are lucky enough to be connected to a cabinet that will get fibre, then the speed increase you get will depend on how much copper runs between that cabinet and your home. This is why BT and anyone else using that FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) technology can only ever say "up to" a given speed. Not only that, but the number of available FTTC conections in each cabinet is usually far less than the capacity of the cabinet, and BT have a track record of saying "tough" when all the lines available are allocated (128 line and 256 lines cabs are in the "wild" in Ewhurst - here). There are no guarantees. Spend the money and hope.

    A well written article by Neil Fairbrother explains why any investment in FTTC technology is a mistake, with this view supported by Peter Cochrane (ex CTO of BT!).


    The only solution that is future proof, is Fibre to the Home. That's what B4RS is planning.