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    BT Business - Superfast fibre broadband has arrived (NOT)

    Today, my business received a directly addressed letter from BT about BT Business Infinity, with my name and all my business details on it, saying "Superfast fibre broadband has arrived".

    In short, no it has not. The PCP (Primary Connection Point) outside the BT Exchange in Langton Green remains without service for all users with Exchange Only lines. Yes, an unofficial source at Kent County Council involved with the BDUK programme has told us, we are scheduled to "go live" in the latter half of this month, just as we were told we would be live by December in 2014. I have little doubt that at some point we will have VDSL capability as Openreach have installed a new PCP and a DSLAM outside the exchange, however the information regarding project progress coming out of Openreach is poor to pointless.

    The have's and have-not's

    It would be fantastic if some of those who are fortunate enough to have an enabled cabinet and are now paying the 30+/month (after your "bribe" deal) could let us know your experiences via this website. While I passionately disagree with the expense and technology being deployed, I will grab a line as soon as I am able, as I am being given no other choice by the BDUK project and Openreach. The FTTC technology that Openreach is deploying is increasing the speed gap between urban and rural broadband users. In 2012 urban users were 9.5Mbps faster on average, whereas in 2013 Ofcom's figures show they were 16.5 Mbps faster. Rural folk will remain second class citizens until fibre is provided all the way to the door. Ofcom's figures are available here.

    Return on Investment for BDUK vs HS2

    The Treasury have provided the 1.7b of funding that DCMS is putting on the table, where only BT has a chair. They estimate that the BDUK programme will return a benefit to GB Ltd (the UK economy) of 20 to 1. Let's read that again ... TWENTY to ONE. For every pound invested, the UK is expected to get 20 back. That's great. They also produced figures for the HS2 project, which is getting, latest guess, approx. 50b. Their return for that project is somewhere between 1.7 and 2.3 to 1. Let's not bother to read that figure again. Why is HS2 happening? But I digress ...

    When the BDUK 1.7b of funds are spent, that's our tax money, and the extent of the benefit to (some) rural folk is clear, B4RS will re-plan the full-fibre community network and provide the right technology, that is future proof, for a project price that BT cannot compete with. Shareholders demand more profit than communities. Communities are willing to help themselves, and far less willing to fill the BT shareholder's pockets. Something our government needs to wake up to and realise.

    --Mr Community Fibre.