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Thread: Directional drilling and impact moles - who wants to dig?

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    Lightbulb Directional drilling and impact moles - who wants to dig?

    Here are some (expensive) alternatives to a shovel ... in case we find a river or a paved drive we have to go under.


    All great fun. I'd see a contractor with a DD involved as they are V expensive, but perhaps with enough interest, we could justify the purchase of an impact mole. We'd have a compressor for blowing the fibre anyway! We could call it Mike?

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    Post Installation of your fibre right into your building from the street - German subtitle


    Here's a great video of a German company installing fibre into a block of apartments in Germany using an impact mole. The music is cheesy, the subtitles are in German, but the process is wonderful and very, very close to what we're designing for our rural network.

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