Wispa have launched a campaign in Wales, to stop the unfair "up to" advertising by ISPs.

If your supermarket charged you the normal Kg price for "up to" a kilogram of sugar, you might not agree. Unfortunately, we all have to signup to the T's & C's of our ISPs which is directly supporting their practise of advertising "up to" pricing. The currently available (and affordable) technologies, combined with OpenReach's wholesale pricing model for ADSL don't provide much of an opportunity for the ISPs to do better. How else would we ask an ISP to advertise an ADSL Max service that can deliver 0.5 to 7.2 Mbps, that is meaningful to the majority of the customer base? I'd suggest providing a calculator that includes distance from the exchange/cabinet, known BT OpenReach limits of the underlying technology (which the advertising ISP must know), and a simple "small, medium, large" product differentiation. This at least stops headline "up to" rubbish which hides the reality.

Here's Wispas petition.


... and here's the original article.


Make your own mind up whether you want to back the campaign - I'm going to sign it, as I believe the underlying mission is sound. Getting the ISPs to remove "up to" advertising is worthy, but trying to force Ofcom to mandate an ISP business model for unreliable technology, is perhaps a little "above and beyond".