The Demulator

Warning - technical post!

Needed as part of our broadband "Demulator" (Demonstration Emulator) which will provide real-time experience of different broadband speeds and quality, I'm looking for some help to share the load.

Currently, it's based on two teeny Compaq EVO D510 PCs with 1.8GHz CPUs, 1GB memory and a Gigabit NIC. They're connected to an HP 110 G6 server running VMware which will run a WAN/Broadband emulator, and ISP services. Two screens, two HD webcams (no - they don't need to be HD, but BOY is it cool when they run HD!), and a couple of wireless APs - SSIDs of Canterbury and Tonbridge [SMILE]

It's the ISP services bit I'm short of time to build. Does anyone have or know someone with the skills/knowledge/"one I made earlier" to provide a virtual machine build with a streaming video/audio server on it?

I speak Windows, Linux, Solaris, most things ...