One of the Ashurst/Stone Cross "white box" community would like to know what scope there is for improving his current (BT) broadband service. Since he is unaware of the "typical" download speed for Ashurst he does not know if he is already getting the best available or whether their is still scope for improvement. Additionally,there may also be a problem of contention (overloading of exchange equipment) so that at certain times of day (usually late afternoons and evenings) there is a drop in download speed as the use of the Internet by those in Ashurst increases.
This thread has been set up so that the Ashurst/Stone Cross white box users can compare the download speed data recorded via their white boxes. This may then provide grounds for approaching BT to seek some improvement if it is possible with the current infrastructure, bearing in mind that Ashurst is connected (via Fordcombe) to the Langton Exchange, which is quite a distance in broadband cable terms.