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Thread: Ashurst broadband performance

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    Ashurst broadband performance

    One of the Ashurst/Stone Cross "white box" community would like to know what scope there is for improving his current (BT) broadband service. Since he is unaware of the "typical" download speed for Ashurst he does not know if he is already getting the best available or whether their is still scope for improvement. Additionally,there may also be a problem of contention (overloading of exchange equipment) so that at certain times of day (usually late afternoons and evenings) there is a drop in download speed as the use of the Internet by those in Ashurst increases.
    This thread has been set up so that the Ashurst/Stone Cross white box users can compare the download speed data recorded via their white boxes. This may then provide grounds for approaching BT to seek some improvement if it is possible with the current infrastructure, bearing in mind that Ashurst is connected (via Fordcombe) to the Langton Exchange, which is quite a distance in broadband cable terms.


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    Sorry, I don't have a white box, however I'm the other side of the railway bridge in Blackham, which may be even further from the Fordcombe exchange...and I max out at around 2.5 - 2.7mb. I pretty much get a stable connection around this speed with few dropout and generally rated B+ to A on, but that may be because I have ADSL Max Premium, rather than standard ADSL Max.

    Distance is 3.01km from the exchange as the crow flies.

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    Hi Shempz,
    Your data are most interesting and seem pretty good at such a distance from the Fordcombe Exchange bearing in mind you are then connected by copper from there to the Langton Exchange. If you have BT as your service provider, use their speedtest at to see what they have to say about the service range you should expect and the speed you are getting at the time of the test. Do a "print screen" (the keyboard button near the top right of the keyboard) and then paste to a Word doc and save it. Then post it as an attachment so we can see.

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    Will do...once I get home this evening.

    Plusnet are my ISP (obviously on the BT network). I'm on the Plusnet Pro package, which means I should have higher priority on the BT network (whether I do or not is another matter), and previously I think it used to mean a contention of no more than 20:1 rather than 50:1, but I think this may no longer be the case. Also, as I am on ADSL Max Premium, my max upload speeds are 832kb, although I tend to get around the 600kb - 650kb mark.

    Also...reading another post that the Langton exchange is being upgraded (ADSL2/2+ ???), and you mention above that Fordcombe is connected via Langton, will this have a knock on effect on Fordcombe do you think, or will we be stuck with poor speeds. In all my conversations with BT Wholesale (I was in touch with their Wholesale Director, Steve Best), they have pretty much said that Fordcombe is not on their list for upgrade by the end of Spring 2013....and my guess is it is not on any upgrade list, as its so small.

    Incidentally, when I moved to the area in 2006, the max d/l speed I got was around 0.9 - 1.0mb. ADSL Max then upped this to about 1.5mb. I installed the BT iplate, and got to around 2mb...and since then its increased to around 2.5mb (maybe BT have done some improvements to the line). Noise and Line Attenuation at such a distance though are obviously not the best....but as I said, my line is pretty stable.

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    Hi Nige,

    Yes indeed - BT announced that they are upgrading the NDLAN exchange (Langton) to "upto 20 Mbps". They didn't say what this was, but common sense says this is ADSL2+. this we imagine was primarily driven by Ofcom making it "commercially more profitable" to do so as they were about to have the wholesale maximum they can charge for an "upto 8Mbps" ADSL line cut once again.

    As for backhaul and contention ratios, BT and other ISPs don't publish detailed network performance data about congestion, but we have had instances when a Plusnetter or Zen user (me) providing ADSL services over OpenReach's infrastructure "can" get access to the VC information for the circuit from BTs infrastructure back to the ISP. They can sometimes say whether this is "congested" or not, using tools BT provides to them. Whether the tools tell the truth or not ... well ...

    The BT announcement is in this thread.

    IM me to chat

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    I defer to Rob's far superior knowledge on this one. By coincidence I noticed today that there is a BT street cabinet in Fordcombe, and Ashurst may well be connected to it. It is located at the junction of Broad Lane and Chafford Lane -
    Broad Lane is the road connecting Fordcombe to Stone Cross. I suppose the only benefit this might confer is if it would ever get upgraded to fibre-to-the-cabinet but that is certainly not on any plan of which we are aware.

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    Just ran the test, and stats from the BT Speedtest are here:

    BT Speedtest.jpg

    and router stats here....

    Router Stats.jpg

    I also checked and Got 2.7mb download and quality of connection rated A (very low jitter, no packet loss)
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    I believe your speed is pretty good, considering the distance you are from Langton Exchange. The Fordcombe cabinet to which I suspect you are connected is listed as almost 2 kms from the Langton Exchange (am assuming this is cable distance but may not be). I guess you could be another 1.5 kms from the cabinet. We have heard from some people in Speldhurst of appallingly low speeds at similar distances from the Exchange but we have not seen the sort of measured data as provided by you.
    There are several people in Ashurst with White boxes. It would be interesting to compare their speeds with yours - perhaps they are reading this thread and can let us know their speeds..

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    Samknows seem to think I'm 3.01km straight line distance from the Fordcombe exchange/cabinet, and this seems about right to me. Postcode is TN3 9TT. So I'm quite a distance from Langton Green.

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    We have 5.63 average, at present, at Stone Cross.

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