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Thread: Ashurst broadband performance

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    Julia, Your speed is also far higher than I would have expected bearing in mind your distance from Langton. It is only 1.3 Mbps lower than mine and I am only 300 yards from the Exchange.

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    I believe we are establishing the predictability (or not) of ADSL technology in the absence of reliable information on cable routes, infrastructure provisioning in BTs exchanges, and cable condition.

    It is not predictable in a meaningful way in rural areas, or to be more precise, Stone Cross in Kent! 8-) Another nail in the coffin of "upto" advertising.

    All the theoretical graphs in the world can't replace real world measurements. Sam Knows provides the closest thing we have to the truth.

    BTW - I know some folks in Cumbria that would give their right arm for 1.3Mbps Lawrence.

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