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    Lightbulb The Demulator

    Below is a diagram of the Broadband Bandwidth Demonstration Emulator ("The Demulator") which we are currently building and hope to go on tour with in the very near future, in a village hall near to you.

    B4RS Demulator-v0.4 1.jpg

    Our goal is to demonstrate the kinds of activities that can be supported by different broadband services, especially Next Generation Access broadband - REALLY fast stuff above 30Mbps all the way up to 1000 Mbps.

    The suggested ISP service profiles are examples only, so please feel free to suggest some more if you believe they'd be useful. We'll build as many as we can, and disclose fully how we've done it.

    We have thought of the following so far:
    1. Watching a live streaming movie - standard and high definition
    2. Listening to streaming radio/music
    3. Copying files
    4. Video/audio conferencing with a colleague, and a group - standard and high definition
    5. Screen sharing with a colleague
    6. Sending large attachments (e.g. photos) by Email
    7. Interactive gaming - what's the best to use here? (Windows XP compatible please!)
    Any other ideas?

    Everyone in the audience will be invited to jump on one of the Wifi networks with their phone, PC, whatever they have in their pockets, and sit (virtually) in Tonbridge or Canterbury to share the experience!

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