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Thread: SPAM posters and unwelcome content ... what to do

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    SPAM posters and unwelcome content ... what to do

    Hi Everyone,

    Inevitably, there are a minority of people who like to exploit public forums for their own ill gotten gains. These manifest themselves in "fake" users who then post SPAM threads and messages in our forums.

    Usually the administrators (myself and other volunteers) catch this and mop it up, throwing all related posts and the user in the bin, while recording IP addresses for correlation later to catch repeat offenders. We do a few other things, which are top secret, but you get the idea. We can't be everywhere all the time, so would very much appreciate your help in flagging inappropriate messages via the "Report" links (little triangles with an exclamation mark bottom left of the post) to let us know more quickly. We already require a "human carbon unit" approval of any new users before they get permission to post.

    There is a FAQ entry here which describes what you can do yourself with troublesome users, in addition to reporting it.

    I'm a strong advocate of open, unmoderated public voice, preferring openness to closed, moderated censorship. Your words are your own, and your responsibility.

    With any website on the internet, anti-virus and SPAM filtering facilities on your browser are a modern day necessity, and your responsibility. We can't do that, or pay for that, on your behalf! We do what we can on a best endeavours basis to patch our software and maintain the site, but it is ultimately your decision to visit any website on the Internet. I use this website, and have a raft of IT security certifications to my name which suggest I should know what I'm doing, but it's my decision to use this website, and you must make your own. I wouldn't put the blueprints to a nuclear reactor on here, but maybe a picture or two of a BT cabinet [SMILE].

    Please let us know if you have any concerns about security on this website, and we'll tell it like it is. We're not commercial, we're community!

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