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Thread: BBC North West reporting on B4RN in Cumbria - Community Fibre in real life

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    Red face BBC North West reporting on B4RN in Cumbria - Community Fibre in real life

    One of the stars in this short clip is a member of this forum!

    I'll leave you to work out who yourself.

    You can see how deep, and how simple it is to get the fibre cables into the ground. 99% of landowners have given their permission free of charge to run the cable across their land. It's no different from burying a plastic water pipe to an outdoor tap.

    It's this community spirit that makes the blistering speeds and financials of the project viable.

    Enjoy ...

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    Very good to see B4RS at the Speldhurst fete. It caused me to look at the B4RN site and news videos etc - very exciting and inspiring - recommend all to have a look. Good luck to all at B4RS - I will be one of your first investors!

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    Red face

    Excellent! Please do spread the word!!!

    Fantastic that you're all set to invest. Without everyone pulling together this won't succeed. Looking at B4RN is a great inspiration. We had an energetic Demulator meeting in Ashurst Village hall yesterday evening, and are doing it again tonight in Langton Green Village hall. Everyone is immensely positive about the whole project.

    There are a lot of technical details for the "techies" out there, which we're happy to handle via the forum as well as at the meetings. Very technical stuff is outside many people's "want to know" (like "need to know" but less interesting!), so we try and have smaller groups for that kind of thing.

    Let's all "dig to a gig" as soon as we can!


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    B4RN go live with 14 lucky villagers getting 1000 Mbps BOTH ways!

    Here's a short report by the BBC North West (up North) talking about the first folk to go live on B4RN.

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