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Thread: BT make announcement about Kent/NDLAN Langton exchange upgrade

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    Smile BT make announcement about Kent/NDLAN Langton exchange upgrade

    BT have announced this ...


    They haven't said what technology but from the "up to" 20Mbps verbiage it would appear to be ADSL2+. Scheduled for "spring 2013". Great We'll be up to date with the urban folks who were given this 6 years ago.

    There is a better way - B4RS Community Fibre.

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    This message has been sent by email to all members of our "White box" broadband monitoring programme. This post is intended to disseminate the info more widely.

    BT now appears to have completed its announced upgrade of the Langton Exchange to provide an ADSL2+ service. The first we heard was in the past few days when a new resident in Speldhurst told us he was already getting ADSL2+. A number of us then contacted our ISPs and, sure enough, the service is now available. It would have been nice if BT had let us know.

    So what does it mean? I called BT (my ISP) yesterday and have received further clarification today.

    They have confirmed that where I live (close to the Exchange) I can expect an improvement from my normal d/l speed of 6.9Mbps, to around 17Mbps. THE SERVICE UPGRADE WILL HAPPEN AUTOMATICALLY AND PEOPLE NEED TAKE NO ACTION. (No info on upload speed)

    However, I was also told that if I take out a new 12 month contract then not only will I get the improved service immediately (end of July!) but that my monthly broadband charge (with 40GByte usage allowance) will be REDUCED from £22.50 to £18. So I signed up.

    If you are with BT and wish to see if you can get a plan cost reduction and “immediate” upgrade then you need to call 0800 800 150 and then follow the “number pressing” to get you through to Consumer Customer Options. You will need a modern router like a BT Home Hub 2 or 3 to get the service (BT should provide one free if you do not have one). If you are not with BT then you will have to contact your own internet service provider.

    In terms of what improvement you might see, it will depend on how far away you are from the Exchange. BT will give you an indication and you might expect something like double the speed you get now, but hopefully more, but it will be your white boxes that give you the precise performance data. BT told me that there might be drops in performance at periods of high demand and that I might see a drop to perhaps 12 to 14Mbps – this is probably standard patter, so let’s see what the white boxes tell us.

    This is a small step in achieving an improvement to your broadband performance and has not involved the Parish Broadband Working Group. Our work to achieve the far better fibre optic performance for the Parish continues.


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    Some further information. An Ashurst resident who spoke to BT was told there is no ADSL2+ service there. Ashurst is connected to the Langton Exchange but IT IS VIA THE FORDCOMBE EXCHANGE. I have since spoken to BT and they have told me that although the Langton Exchange is now ADSL2+, the Fordcombe Exchange can still only provide an ADSLMax (8Gbps max) service. A pity because Ashurst and Stone Cross need a better service until Rob can get them fibred up.


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    Yes indeed ... the Fordcombe exchange is much smaller and doesn't have the "intelligence" of the NDLAN exchange. BTs investment plans don't appear to be reaching the residents attached to Fordcombe.

    As for the ADSL2+ upgrade, it will depend on when your line is upgraded to 21CN (BT's 21st Century Network - a requirement for ADSL2+) , and when your ISP is able to offer the service. BT can't upgrade all the lines at the same time, so some people will get upgraded before others. Conspiracy theorists could argue that PlusNet (owned by BT) having the first bundle of lines to be upgraded is suspicious. Given the lack of information from BT, conspiracy theorists are being given lots of fodder to work with - more public announcements would help BT - are you reading this?

    For the rest of us who haven't been notified of ADSL2+ availability yet, you *can* call your ISP and request a "singleton upgrade" which means BT will be requested to migrate your line ahead of the "default" schedule. That's what I've done. Suggest you get on the dog and bone!

    People less than 3Km (cable length!) from the exchange should benefit from the up to 3x faster speed - others will see little difference if any. Let's watch the whitebox statistics for the next month or so and see what happens!

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    Zen Internet - 21CN and ADSL2+ "up to 16Mbps" available in Langton Green

    Zen are now showing my telephone connections in Langton as 21CN (21st Century Network), and can be upgraded to ADSL2+.

    I have "regraded" one line to experience the process. The other line I will leave until I have upgraded my router to be ADSL2+ compatible. It is very important to check that your router is capable of running with an ADSL2+ service before you upgrade. If you don't you will either not see any change, or it will stop working. If your ISP has to send you a new router, there is likely either a charge for it, or a 12month commitment to their service. Watch for this!

    Interestingly, Zen describe the new service as "Up to 16Mbps". BT describe the new service as "Up to 20Mbps". This highlights the trouble with ADSL - you don't know what you'll get until you've got it.

    With a following wind ... the more rural folks on the outside of Langton Green may have access to 1000 Mbps inside a year. I'm not committing to any ISP for more than a month!

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    Mine was 19Mbps this morning and just over 17 tonight. They told me it would stabilise at around 17. It will be interesting for all of Committee to compare their SamKnows data after a month.

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    Upgrade at Langton Exchange for PlusNet customers (me) - same message as from BT though I have to wait 5-7 days for it to happen, followed by a 10 day (line) training period of variable speed between 10 -19.5Mbps, settling around 17. No extra on monthly charge of £12.99. Watch this space.....


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    Thanks Miles,
    Mine has now stabilised at about 19.5 Mbps d/l and 1Mbps u/l but have heard of some other people getting major fluctuations. Let's all keep monitoring.

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    The ADSL2+ roll-out continues, albeit slowly. Another Langton resident has today confirmed to me that his PlusNet service has jumped to around 20Mbps. Someone else sent the following message, that might be helpful to others: "when the change was made my Netgear router made the change but in the process I lost the wireless. Everything read properly in the router info so I had to resort to using a bent paper clip to reset the defaults. It seems the encryption protocol changed and Netgear gave the wireless a new password. Everything now works but I am sure the range has extended and the laptops are using the faster protocol. Meanwhile the learning process goes on and I am now up to 18.5."

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    ADSL2+ (Up to 20 Mbps)

    Update from Zen Internet ...

    According to Zen, there is a "bulk migration" of telephone lines on the Langton Green NDLAN exchange scheduled for 2012/09 - so that's "September". I asked them for a "Singleton" upgrade, and they said there was little point due to the proximity of the bulk upgrade. They've already upgraded one of my lines, so I didn't want to push harder.

    In plain speak, this means all NDLAN telephone lines will be upgraded to BT's new "21CN" network, which will make the "up to 20Mbps" broadband service available to everyone on the exchange. Of course, you might only get 4 Mbps or less if you are a loooong way away from the exchange, but that will probably be better than whatever you're getting right now!

    I'm getting 19.4 Mbps to me, and 1.2 Mbps away from me on my connection that has been upgraded already, but I am about 200 yards from the telephone exchange. I'm waiting to have my other two connections done as part of the "normal" BT upgrade schedule. The Zen package upgrade was "free", and there's no additional tie-in of 12 months or so - one month notice is fine, and I have a monthly download limit of 100 GB, for £25.52 per month incl. VAT. There you go Zen, a free advertisement to counter some of the Sky and BT propaganda about "fibre this" or "fibre that" on TV just now in our little area of Kent. Sorry, but despite BTs best efforts on TV to present it as a fibre optic service, BT Infinity is NOT fibre optic broadband - it is delivered over COPPER. That copper isn't quite as long as the copper that goes all the way back to the telephone exchange, but it IS still COPPER, not fibre. COPPER doesn't like water, and the cables have been around for a looooong time.

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