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Thread: BT make announcement about Kent/NDLAN Langton exchange upgrade

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    This is interesting...while there is no official benefit to Fordcombe exchange from Langton being upgrade, I noticed that within the past week or 2 my download speeds in Blackham have increased from roughly 2.5 - 2.8mb to around 3.0 - 3.2mb. I'm not sure of the exact date this happened as I don't monitor my speeds everyday, but is there a chance the Langton upgrade may have had a small knock on effect? Perhaps those on the Fordcombe exchange with White Boxes can check the stats over the past few weeks.


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    Hi Nige,

    With the ADSL2+ upgrade hopefully doubling the speeds available to Langton (NDLAN) customers, we would expect BT to upgrade the "backhaul" to allow more people to download more data at the same time. If Fordcombe is using the same backhaul as the NDLAN exchange, then even the current ADSL Max "up to 8 Mbps" service available via the Fordcombe exchange may benefit due to the reduction in contention during busy periods. That is, until everyone on the NDLAN exchange piles into the new ADSL2+ service and the contention returns - there is ALWAYS a bottleneck. It's up to BT to decide where they put it.

    Of course, BT don't reveal any of this detail, so we must rely on Whitebox data to provide the evidence for our assumption.

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    As previously posted I am supposed to be on ADSL2+ with PlusNet but so far I have not seen any change, and my maximum download speed remains stuck at just under 8mbps. After a lot of haranguing and the usual old bull about routers, master sockets, filters, cables etc the latest story is that someone has discovered that my account has an 8mbps restriction on it! Anyone ever heard of this? Apparently it will take 72 hours to change this setting!! Am looking out for animals with curly tails in the sky.


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    Hi Miles,
    You could compare notes with others with PlusNet. I know 2 in Upton Quarry who are now getting around 20Mbps. What is your monthly Plusnet broadband plan/payment. I will then ask what theirs is.

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    Thumbs up BT/Openreach internet plans for Speldhurst and surrounding parishes

    Here's a GoogleMap picture taken from Openreach's "Big Build" website.

    Now I'm not sure whether BT include ADSL2+ upgrades on this diagram, but they don't seem to be advertising any FTTC upgrades in the foreseeable future. That goes for NDLAN (Langton Green) which has now been upgraded to ADSL2+. Hmmm ... so Langton now has what Tunbridge Wells had, oh .. 6 years ago?

    Oh - and here's a good link to an article by Lorne Mitchell on the Golden Thread project down in Goudhurst. It explains succinctly why BT have announced they are upgrading 90% of the "rural" exchanges to ADSL2+, and it is a commercial driver, of course.

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    Well BT is not doing it under its own roll-out programme, which we knew. We won't know who KCC has chosen for the BDUK/KCC Langton Exchange FTTC upgrade until KCC follows its due process of tendering and then selecting the preferred bid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stonewall100 View Post
    Well BT is not doing it under its own roll-out programme, which we knew. We won't know who KCC has chosen for the BDUK/KCC Langton Exchange FTTC upgrade until KCC follows its due process of tendering and then selecting the preferred bid.
    And for the avoidance of doubt ... KCC will decide who may bid, and what they may bid, and what the performance criteria are for the proposed solutions. Neither Speldhurst Parish Council nor B4RS have any influence or involvement in that procurement process. Or in simpler words, BT aren't planning to provide any FTTC (BT Infinity) as represented on the map I posted below from Openreach's own website, unless they get public funding to motivate them to do it. If they do get some funding, they will decide where to spend it, and what to upgrade, within the parameters of the procurement agreement, which we are unlikely ever to see due to non-disclosure agreements.

    So .... we'll not know what we're getting, beyond an informal indication of which cabinets will be upgraded. No information on guaranteed customer speeds or contention ratios, no service level agreements, no service catalogue (FTTH, EO customer provisions, etc.). We get what we're dealt - take it or leave it.

    In 3-5 years, when 5 Mbps or 10 Mbps isn't enough to watch TV while downloading a Microsoft service pack, what will we do then? Ask BT/whoever to apply for another round of public funding? BT/whoever is a shareholder motivated organisation. They're not going to improve rural infrastructure if it doesn't pay them to do so, and they'll operate it to provide profit margins that meet the shareholders expectations - not the rural community's expectations. That's what I'd do if I was BT/whoever [SMILE]. But I'm not - I'm part of B4RS where the shareholders *are* the community. This has to be a better way!

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