Hello Everyone,

We've just published in the online calendar the dates for the Village Hall "Demulator" events where your Speldhurst Parish Council working party will provide an update on all the Broadband initiatives.

The Demonstration Emulator (Demulator, I know ...) is a unique tool for experiencing the real world effect of different broadband services. It will show why hyper fast rural broadband is the right thing to reinvigorate life in the countryside, providing opportunity and motive for new businesses throughout our parishes.

Do check out the calendar on this website to find out when the next even is, and we'll be at the village fete in a tent if it's dry enough for the computers. We'll have all kinds of interesting techy bits to show you how a "real" network works, and why it doesn't have to be as difficult as the commercial folks often make out. I'm allowed to say that, as I'm one of them.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of the events.