Speldhurst Demulator event - postponed

Many thanks to the folks who came along to Speldhurst village hall yesterday evening.

Unfortunately, we had to postpone the event in the eleventh hour due to technical issues with the "Demulator" itself. We spent a good deal of time last week, building and tuning it to provide a real world experience of what the different ISP packages mean, and what Superfast, Hyperfast, Billybobfast internet actually means to *you* should you get some! We (I ), also broke the Demulator in the afternoon before the event, which would have substantially undermined the value of the session for all of you. Rather than present an inferior demonstration, we decided to postpone. It was a hard call given the immense effort by all the volunteers to get the leaflets out and prep for the event.

We will be at the Speldhurst Village fete on Saturday next week, and there are events planned for Langton Village hall, Langton Summer fete and Ashurst Village Hall.

Please keep your eye on the Calendar here, and for leaflets coming in the door!