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Thread: Breaks in Broadband Service

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    Breaks in Broadband Service

    We are all used to having occasional connection problems with the internet. We all know the frustration and anger that it causes. I experienced a bout of this problem around the 29th May-5th June 2012. A neighbour also had the same problem. A normal service eventually returned which is par for the course. I'm sure most of us experience this situation at some time or another. The problem exists when BT are working at the sub station. I have spoken to my ISP Sky who tell me that BT never inform them when work is in progress. Sky sympothized with my problem and asked me to write to them informing them of how many other people experienced this disruption. I wonder whether I can obtain a reliable estimate via other members of the forum? Let me know if you can help?

    I would appreciate your feedback.

    Thank You.

    Phil Humphreys

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    Hi Phil,
    See my post about loss of BB service. Both Jack Chapman and I have had problems over the past two weeks. Mine is now working OK again.

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