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Thread: Satellite Broadband ... want to know more?

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    Question Satellite Broadband ... want to know more?

    Satellite Broadband - is this a solution contender?

    You decide ... here's a link to an article produced by John Colton of the project (another Community Fibre project), which explains some fairly technical detail around satellite broadband services.

    In short ... watch the usage (a few films on TV and you're cheaper to buy the DVD!) and the delay to get into space and back - real-time conferencing deals with more than a second round trip time.

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    I have personal experience of sat broadband, courtesy of the scottish highlands project funded by the scottish govt. Service is slow and ping speed awful, so internet banking is impossible as you are timed out all the time. OK what we have is slow because it was a cheapskate scheme, just 512k up and about 108k down, but it has been very unreliable and I guess the provide used it to get cash flow to fund new satellites for stuff they were really interested in. Not to be recommended at all!

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