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Thread: What happens when an undersea fibre gets cut?

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    Unhappy What happens when an undersea fibre gets cut?

    Here's a link to a techy-geek article describing the types of service interruption on the internet caused by someone cutting an undersea cable.

    This one runs from Blighty to the Netherlands, and is owned by Interroute. BT and Sky were quick to "adapt", while O2 have some egg on their face. Around 400 Gbps of traffic has been re-routed to use other connections.

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    I had poor service over the w/e, wonder if the white box will show it.


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    It will be one of two things if related to the fibre damage - either no response to ping times, or longer than usual ping times due to the "traffic diversion". Some websites may not respond because there is only one "route" to them, which got broken. Basically, the "route" the internet traffic takes has to update and change to avoid the broken link. If that doesn't happen, connectivity is "broken" until it does.

    No different from a diversion due to a flood/bridge repair on a road really.

    The whitebox should show it already if you login and look at your private statistics for the last week. If there's nothing unusual there, then your ISP has sufficient connectivity and alternative routes to the test websites that Sam Knows uses to not be affected. More power to them.

    B4RS wouldn't design such a non-resilient infrastructure of course, and with our peering agreements at LINX we'd have more options than we can poke a stick at. Sometimes big isn't always best. Quite often, in fact [SMILE].

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