Kent County Council's state aid consultation closes on September 14th in 4 days. This document asks of all Internet Service Providers in Kent & Medway, to reveal their current service map i.e. who gets what speed where. Take a look at Page 28 for an example of what the ISPs have been asked to provide. Wouldn't that be useful to understand, as our public money is being used to fund the "gap" based on this information? How many have fessed up with accurate information? What's their motivation to be accurate?

Here's the link to the KCC document:

I see a likely conflict of interest here. How is this process supposed to work?

Charlie Chicken: Hell Mr Fox - do you need any public money to help you grow your network and market in Kent?

Mr Fox: Oh yes Mr Chicken - I need all the money you can give me. Mumble, mumble.

Charlie Chicken: I'm sorry Mr Fox - I can't make out what you're saying with all those feathers in your mouth.
What really gets my goat, is that if public money is given to "boost" a specific area, that "may" remove any near term possibility for state aid funding for more honest, less commercial, community driven initiatives - yes, Community Fibre with B4RS.