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Thread: B4RS to attend NextGen 12 (Next Generation Broadband)

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    Smile B4RS to attend NextGen 12 (Next Generation Broadband)

    Hello Everyone,

    The NextGen 12 conference on October 8th and 9th is in Westminster, London. Everyone who is anyone in the broadband world within the UK will be represented there. All the analysis and statistics that get quoted, are more than likely from an attendee at this conference. Analysys Mason, Openreach, BT, B4RN and your very own B4RS are all there.

    Here's the list of companies represented:

    If anyone has any questions they'd like asked please let us know and we'll certainly do our best to corner the company concerned and ask on your behalf.

    We didn't make it to the final cut for the Rural Leadership and Community Development award, however B4RN have been nominated for the "Innovative Funding" category. Here's the shortlist for the awards on Monday:

    Your very own B4RS correspondent (me) will be at the awards ceremony to see who brings the booty home, and to clap or boo on the relative merits of whether they deserved it [SMILE]. I hope B4RN do well, as we're planning an approach along the same lines. Watch this space for a FANTASTIC progress update from B4RN in the very near future!

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    Follow live updates from Nextgen12 on Twitter using hash tag #Nextgen12.

    Watch for our posts from @B4theRuralSouth

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    Great article out from Ian Grant, referring to my "why don't you provide dark fibre" question to Liv Garfield, CEO of Openreach.

    Nothing would help rural community broadband projects more than easily accessible, affordable dark fibre. Liz doesn't agree. Profits before community?

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    Red face BT Openreach too slow - not-for-profits have a window to deploy fibre broadband!

    An article from ThinkBroadband explaing that Openreach (BT owned) are dragging their feet, which will allow not-for-profit initiatives like B4RS to get the infrastructure in the ground well ahead of Openreach realising they should have done it themselves.

    It's the silver lining on the cloud, really.

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