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Thread: Im in Speldhurst and now have 6.5K speed at last

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    Im in Speldhurst and now have 6.5K speed at last

    I live in speldhurst and have had to put up with really poor broadband since I move in 8 years ago :-(

    My ISP is sky, and I had an email recently stating I was now on the full sky network i.e faster speeds.

    So my download speed has gone from about 1.7 to 6.5... Much better, but still not where it should be in 2012!
    Is this as good as it will get for the next few years? What speeds are anyone else getting in Speldhurst now?


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    Hi Giles, there is an ongoing initiative being led by TWBC to get DEFRA funding to upgrade the two Speldhurst BT street cabinets to fibre. A survey will be carried out in the next week to confirm that residents really want it and will subscribe. At this stage I don't know who has been selected to participate in the survey. If everything would work out OK, those living reasonably close to the 2 cabinets (St Mary's Church and Ewehurst Lane) could see a jump in d/l speed to perhaps more than 40Mbps (depends how far you are from a cabinet - if really close (within say 150 yds) you might even get more than 60Mbps). U/l speeds could be as high as perhaps 15Mbps for those living close. Timing could be end 2013 but will not know more until DEFRA grant would be awarded. Lots of hurdles still to be jumped.

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    Hi Giles,

    Your broadband is provided over copper cables that currently go all the way back to the telephone switch in Langton Green (probably). Those copper cables, and the broadband equipment the provides your service are owned and operated by Openreach (a BT group company). As the Langton Green exchange has just been upgraded by BT to 21CN, their 21st Century Network, Openreach are now able to provide ADSL2+ technology, which Sky are reselling to you.

    In other words, you had an "up to 8" Mbps service which gave you 1.7. Now you are getting an "up to 20" Mbps service which is giving you 6.

    As Lawrence points out, there is currently a tender process being managed by TWBC in cooperation with Sevenoaks District Council to have ISPs (Internet service providers) respond saying how they will improve the services. The expectations are that this will result in a Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) upgrade to a cabinet close to you, perhaps St Mary's Church or Ewehurst Lane.

    NB: None of this is guaranteed. It is a commercial tender process.

    Should the outcome of the tender process result in a specific company delivering a FTTC upgrade then what *IS* guaranteed, is that the copper cable you currently get your broadband over will STILL be used for the new FTTC service. This means your local house wiring, the quality of the cable and the distance to the cabinet (not all the way back to the exchange) will decide how fast your connection runs. So it will very likely run faster.

    With FTTC technology there are NO guarantees of connection rate due to the use of copper cable. Simple.

    It frustrates me that this is not made clear to residents by the advertising of commercial organisations (BT explicitly - Infinity is NOT fibre, it is copper to the cabinet). Only people living close (e.g. within 1.5 Kms) to the upgraded cabinets will get an increase in speeds. Nobody else will. Yet the funding will have been given, with no more DEFRA funding being made available due to EU legislation. This is a "one shot" effort, and it's likely to go to an organisation to upgrade BT infrastructure with technology that will be left behind in the next 3-5 years. The same problem, again, in 3-5 years time. It won't even fix the problem for really rural folk today, far from the cabinets. They will get NO benefit from this investment whatsoever.

    The survey that is likely to be distributed locally by Speldhurst Parish Council volunteers quite soon is in support of the tender process for TWBC/SDC to ensure they get DEFRA funding to make it viable to run the tender process. What is clear, is that without public money, BT or any other COMMERCIAL organisation do not have a business case profitable enough to upgrade anything. We are on our own. Enter B4RS, and this website, and the group of volunteers aiming to fix it once, the right way. Even operating as volunteers, our timelines aren't so different from the commercial propositions being rumoured as responses to the TWBC/SDC initiative.

    Watch this space!

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