Hi Everyone,

It became known to us here at B4RS a little over a week ago, that TWBC was planning to deliver a survey (yes, another one ... we know), to measure the appetite for superfast broadband in the more rural parts of Speldhurst parish.

Information is a little vague at the moment, however I'd like to offer my personal view of what this survey aims to deliver.

It is designed to allow TWBC and Sevenoaks District Council to justify their application for DEFRA and BDUK public funding. This will be used to make an imminent Invitation to Tender attractive to respondants such as Openreach and others for the upgrade of current broadband infrastructure across the parishes.

What it can't do is predict the outcome of the ITT and specify what kind of services will be provided, who they will be provided to at what cost, or where within the parish. We will be watching the ITT process closely and reporting back on what we see when it is made public, to ensure expectations of service are realistic.

My personal view is anything short of Fibre to the Home is not future proof, and will be a substantial regret spend of public funds with commercial organisations. This is supported by leading industry figures such as Peter Cochrane (ex CTO of BT), and by the European FTTH Council. They have a great video about why here:

So - let the discussion begin! Do join our forum and let us know what you think! No spam - we run this ourselves, for the community - nobody else!