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    A couple of months ago there was a meeting between several members of the Broadband Working Group and a senior director of BT, Peter Cowen. At the end of the meeting I raised the issue of Ashurst and whether it would benefit from the new ADSL2+ service. PC told me to email him. This I did, with the following message:

    "Dear Peter,
    It was a pleasure meeting you this week. I am following up your kind offer to obtain an answer to a question relating to the village of Ashurst/Stone Cross, which forms part of our Parish. Relevant postcodes include TN3 9TD and TN3 9SX. BT is currently in the process of rolling out an ADSL2+ service from the Langton Green Exchange, NDLAN. We expected everyone supplied from NDLAN to be able to benefit from the ADSL2+ service to some degree (subject to distance). However, we believe that Ashurst is connected to NDLAN via a small exchange in Fordcombe (NDFOR) and a subsequent nearby street cabinet (NDFOR1) and that this may mean that those in Ashurst/Stone Cross will not receive the new ADSL2+ service. Please can you clarify the situation for us?
    Lawrence "

    No reply was received and so I sent a chaser. Again no reply has been received. What appallingly bad manners (or is it just a reflection of a disdain by BT for the economically less influential communities?).

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    Here's my most recent exchange with the Managing Director of BT Wholesale Product (back in March/April):


    2 Mar

    Dear Steve,

    Its been 2 years since I last enquired about the BT 21CN rollout on my local telephone exchange at Fordcombe (NDFOR), so I thought it about time I asked BT again when (or should that be "if") this is going to happen.

    Naturally, I don't assume BT Infinity will reach Fordcombe in my lifetime (afterall, I'm 36 years of age)...but getting ADSL2 would at least be something, and would bring me up to the speeds I was able to get in London nearly 10 years ago.

    Also...should BT ever want to pick a small telephone exchange to test out one of their new broadband products on, then I'm sure Fordcombe would be an ideal one to pick!

    Kindest regards,

    2 Mar
    to me


    Thanks for your e-mail, I will ask my Broadband team to look into this and will get back to you next week.

    Kind Regards,



    27 Mar

    Dear Steve,

    Many thanks for looking into this for me, however I'm afraid no one from your Broadband team ever got back to me about my query.



    30 Mar

    to me


    My apologies, I will chase this now.

    Kind Regards,



    18 Apr

    Hi Steve,

    Another 2 and 1/2 weeks and still no response!

    Even an email from one of your departments simply saying "sorry Mr XXXXX your telephone exchange is so small, we can't be bothered to put any new equipment in it, so your stuck with 2mb for life" would suffice.



    18 Apr

    to me

    Dear Nigel

    Firstly my apologies for the delay in getting a response back to you. I have checked our current ADSL2+ rollout plans (which extend to Spring 2013) and Iím afraid that your exchange isnít scheduled for ADSL2+ upgrade. The reason for this is that we prioritise our rollout around where we can provide the service to the greatest number of customers. I have also checked the Openreach Superfast Broadband rollout plan which details the locations BT (Openreach) are deploying fibre in the next six months and Fordcombe doesnít appear on this schedule either.

    We review our ASDL2+ investment plans regularly and it is possible that Fordcombe will feature in future rollout plans later in 2013. Also in BT Wholesale we only see 6 months rollout for Fibre/Superfast Broadband from our Openreach division and so Fordcombe may be in the Fibre rollout in the future. In addition the UK Government has a central fund (BDUK Programme) whereby Regional Development Authorities can apply for funding for Broadband Infrastructure projects which are then tendered to BT and other Infrastructure providers. I note that your local authority is conducting a survey on demand at the following location:

    I hope this answers your question but please donít hesitate to come back to me if you need any further information.


    Steve Best

    Managing Director

    BT Wholesale Product


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    Yes indeed.

    Always suggesting the future is bright, without putting a "date" on "future". BT are run for the benefit of their shareholders, before all others.

    I'd feel more positive about the TWBC survey if a) they shared the results and b) they shared the responses to any tender initiated using grants provided as a result of the survey.

    Neither outcome is very likely as I understand the situation currently. Public funding cash flow requirements and rules mean it is very difficult for B4RS to participate in the tender process, but we will consider it.

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