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Thread: Sky breaks ADSL broadband with "too many users" - must be the 5.99 deal!

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    Exclamation Sky breaks ADSL broadband with "too many users" - must be the 5.99 deal!

    ... it just goes to show you get what you pay for. Sky have overloaded their ADSL broadband network. It's all about the backhaul and the over-subscription - too many people squeezed down too small a pipe.

    A local community network, managed by local people who care about the impact when it breaks, could do so much better. Being a large network ISP doesn't guarantee service, despite what the politicians want to believe.

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    A couple of years back they massively expanded their backhaul, something like 7 times the bandwidth I believe. It was heralded as the end to congestion on their broadband network. The simple fact is that most broadband providers will keep accepting orders no matter what, I can just imagine the back office meetings between tech and sales.

    On the plus side look at Eclipse Internet, they're still offering 40mb fibre until they have upgraded their network to cope with the increased demand of 80/20. There are some companies that actually do care about their customers and reputation.

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    I'm moving to Sky next week. I'm hoping that not too many people are using their kit at the Langton exchange.

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    You, and everybody else in Speldhurst parish, are using BT Openreach infrastructure. This is re-sold by Sky and all the other ISPs. I'm not aware of any telephone exchange unbundling plans by any ISP, as the numbers involved in our rural community don't represent a valid business case for an ISP to put their own broadband equipment into NDLAN (the BT exchange in Langton). Do you know if Sky are unbundling the exchange? Haven't seen any Sky vans down there, only Openreach.

    The contention bit that the article mentions is the total aggregate bandwidth that Sky has on its backbone to the internet, which all of it's multi-million subscribers have to share. If that isn't sufficient at peak times, it doesn't really matter what speed you connect at (2, 8 or 80 Mbps), you'll get your share of that backhaul and nothing more. Only Sky know how busy that backhaul is at what times of day. To be fair, it *has* to be over-provisioned to make any money in the broadband business. The best ISPs ensure that the bottleneck is not on THEIR infrastructure, that it is the internet itself. Going too far with over-subscription is taking the Mickey to increase profits, which the article is highlighting. Sky may be struggling to keep up with demand, in which case their demand management is broken and they are planning to remedy that with backhaul capacity upgrades - we'll see. It's a commercial organisation, we don't get to see how they're running their business

    Your Whitebox will reveal all in due course! May the speculation stop, and the facts roll in (could that be a song?).

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    According to Samknows, Sky are the only operator to have unbundled the exchange. Sky are keen to build their own ADSL2+ network, so I ran their available checker several times until it told me I was in their network area, which was probably October/November time. I asked Samknows to check it, and they confirmed that Sky have unbundled the exchange ......

    I believe that Sky take the Openreach wholesale product for ADSLMax and FTTC, but not ADSL2+. I've been with John Lewis / PlusNet for just under a year, and didn't see any improvement moving to ADSL2+, and was getting 5.5Mbps, when I was expecting between 9 and 11. It's recently dropped to 4.5Mbps. When I phoned for a MAC key, the chap I spoke to said the line speed was too low for the reported attenuation and raised a ticket to report a fault on the line. I then got another response saying that the speed was within the publish service levels, etc, etc, so I decided to give Sky a go. Hopefully, there will not be so many people on their kit.

    Look out for a Sky van on Wednesday.

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    Awesome! It's about time competition arrived in some form at NDLAN. I can't find the date when Sky unbundled the exchange either, and the fact that Sam Knows still lists the exchange as "Market 1" which means nobody has unbundled the exchanged, is contradictory. Probably an administrative error, but we're left guessing as usual.

    Here's a link to an ISP Review article from August last year, describing Sky's ADSL2+ LLU approach.

    The usual lack of information on the backhaul means the benefits to us in Speldhurst/Langton aren't clear. Choice is good, from a competition perspective, however performance benefits will depend on individual line card configuration and backhaul provisioning.

    Bring on the Whitebox stats when you can Kevin - this could be interesting. If anybody else has a Whitebox just now, and is with Sky, do shout out to us in the forum to let us know! I have a couple of ADSL2+ lines via Zen, and get close to the maximum sync rates (19Mbps/1.2Mbps) for my line attenuation (6-9dB) which translates to 14 Mbps of useful downstream bandwidth and 1.1Mbps upstream, pretty much throughout the day. Little ~8% dips at 1pm and 7pm which is rush hour on the Internet, but acceptable.

    SK r2nook 13-03-11.jpg

    The graph above is for yesterday, Monday 11th March. This suggests, at the moment, that Openreach don't have unmanageable congestion on the recently "21CN" upgraded NDLAN exchange (Sep 2012). Unfortunately, this also suggests that unless the Sky ADSL2+ DSLAM kit is better over your copper wire than the Openreach DSLAM kit, you're unlikely to see an improvement. There are local dependencies such as specific DSLAM line card congestion, your specific broadband router configuration/firmware and local DSLAM configuration (see other threads in the forum), which may also explain your poor line rates vs your attenuation. DSL technology is a bit of a lottery.

    In short ... let the statistics roll in! Nobody can beef with those.

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    Is the white box connection the same for Sky? L

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    Quote Originally Posted by stonewall100 View Post
    Is the white box connection the same for Sky? L
    No difference at all. Kevin just swaps his ISP router and plugs the Whitebox into the new one instead of his old PlusNet one as per the instructions. Everything else looks after itself.
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    I wondered because someone who had moved to Sky returned their white box. Perhaps I can get them to take it back - also Speldhurst located. L

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    Is Sky Broadband Unlimited their own LLU package, or is it for any exchange with ADSL2/2+ even if Sky have not unbundled it? Just wondering, as I picked a random tel no. in the Langton Green area to check, and it came back saying Sky BB Unlimited was available. Not sure if that helps with regards to knowing whether Sky have installed their equipment.

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