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Thread: FTTC and anything using copper is a WASTE OF TIME - Peter Cochrane

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    Exclamation FTTC and anything using copper is a WASTE OF TIME - Peter Cochrane

    ... the ex CTO of BT speaks bluntly once again, on why BDUK (and by association KCC) are barking up the wrong tree in prolonging the use of copper in the ground for broadband.

    Why are we contemplating spending 32bn on HS2, when far more reliable experts have estimated 28bn to get fibre to the majority of the UK? The arguments don't stand up. Our government has surely missed the mark here.

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    Rob, he makes an interesting point although a bit too late in the day. I imagine it would have been an interesting outcome if the public had been given a vote of which they would prefer. The employment created might have been of a similar order. L

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    ... to be fair, he has always made this point, for many years. The "public" were never given the choice of having a monopoly in the last mile, which is what they have today. It isn't realistic to expect everyone to understand the financials and business cases around broadband delivery. Nor is it necessary. Those who are motivated enough, and want to understand, will "get it" and support B4RS when we put the foot down with the business case. Competing right now against the noise of the KCC/RCBF grant, operated by people PAID to be doing it, adds a burden that I personally find difficult to carry. As the outcome of the KCC/RCBF tender is:

    a) not future proof
    b) will not benefit the rural folk too far from the cabinets (we have been told nothing about post codes, cabinets or delivery - FUD)
    c) will simply move the "rural broadband divide" to a new geographical location

    ... we are not stopping, and the network design and business case for B4RS FTTH by the community continues.

    It's up to the likes of you and I and others within B4RS at a local level to demonstrate to the community that Peter Cochrane is right. Those who support the expansion of BT via BDUK/RCBF funds are in denial of the financial and technological truth - expanding the current FTTC footprint is a waste of money, with only short-sighted, short term gains to be had. Not good value for public money. Money which is now unlikely to be available to B4RS as under EU rules a grant may only be made once for a specific geography. Oh - did I mention we're not being told which post codes/geography will benefit from the current RCBF grant process? Do you see how this is anti-competitive?

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    That was not the point I was making. Last night HS2 was discussed on Question Time and a lady raised the point that perhaps technology will be so different in 20 years that a high speed train might be the wrong solution and that high speed comms might be it. All I was saying is that if the public had been given a choice of whether to spend the X billions on HS2 or ultrafast broadband for the whole country then they may well have gone for the latter. I still have my reservations about the community broadband concept for our parish but will await the business case before saying more.

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