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Thread: Fibre experience from a non Langton resident

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    Fibre experience from a non Langton resident

    Well, living in Crowborough I have always been a little smug about our broadband provision and then Fibre came along. My 10mb down 800k up line can now support up to 80mb broadband!!!

    I upgraded a few weeks ago and am now sporting a massive 10mb down 5mb up... YES you heard right, I got bugger all change on my download. Calls to my ISP (Zen) have so far come back with:

    a) It's probably your internal wiring (erm no, I sync at 45mb)
    b) The exchange is probably congested (most likely)
    c) Yes, I know we guarantee at least 12mb but that only counts if the exchange is not congested (met with huge amounts of derisive laughter from me)

    Someone somewhere has forgotten the meaning of guaranteed. I now pay considerably more for my broadband but at least I didn't have to wait long to speak to the support team.

    Anyone thinking FTTC will save them will be sorely disappointed.


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    Interesting re: the low download speeds.

    a) It could in fact be the internal wiring in your house. How old is your house? From what I remember, bad/old wiring can cause a lot of noise on the line, leading to low d/l speeds even though you have a high sync. Do you have an iplate on your tel socket? I recall changing my phone socket so it had an iplate increase speeds by about 50% for me (admittedly I was only on ADSL Max though)
    b) Crowborough fibre congested. I'm not expert, but that's highly unlikely.
    c) I'd laugh along with you....absolute bs from Zen customer services.

    also, is there another modem/router you can use (for test purposes), that is compatible with fibre speeds? If it downloads faster, it could be a problem with the modem/router you are currently using.

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