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Thread: Twitter discussion with DCMS and Maria Miller on BDUK status

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    Post Twitter discussion with DCMS and Maria Miller on BDUK status

    A few days ago, Maria Miller went online in Twitter to answer questions about BDUK broadband. What fun. The B4RN crew represented themselves well, as did many of the vocal supporters of anything that isn't FTTC. One of the hottest topics was the so-called Speed and Coverage maps.

    BT's Sean Williams says "BT have no objections to releasing all the postcode data", yet the local authorities aren't doing that. KCC have published coloured blobs to represent who will get what access. So if you are connected to a cabinet that will be fibred up, you are deemed by the bean counters in KCC and BT to have "received super fast broadband", despite the truth for rural folk being quite different in reality. On the subject of reality, the Whitebox population around Speldhurst and Langton will reveal just where superfast stops and snail-pace starts after the BDUK assisted upgrades are completed.

    Here's the chat on Twitter, where you can see the questions and responses from Maria Miller, DCMS.

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