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Thread: Guardian article suggests RCBF funding is finished

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    Unhappy Guardian article suggests RCBF funding is finished

    With less than 1M granted of the 20M funding in the RCBF pot, it now looks to be game over for the fund next year. B4RS had a go at some of this money, and met with the red tape and complexity referenced in this article. Despite the best efforts of Maria Miller (Department of Culture, Media and Sport), the BT lobbying appears to have been successful in preventing nearly all applications for RCBF funding from anyone but themselves. The County Councils were unable to give any money to anyone other than BT.

    What concerns me most is the clear and present danger in 3-4 years, that we will be in exactly the same position all over again. The copper that connects BT's "fibre enabled cabinets" around Langton and Speldhurst will become the bottleneck. The technology doesn't provide upstream bandwidth sufficient to backup my iPhone to the "cloud" today, or enjoy two way HD video streaming while the kids download a new game and the hamster watches Country Life in HD on the TV, nor does BT think we want/need this in the coming years - the technology they are deploying with the BDUK money can't provide that. BT's crystal ball is a wonderful object. They seem to understand all that I want from my broadband connection, yet I don't recall them asking me. The rural divide will be alive and well, all over again.

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