I'm still laughing ... assuming many residents in Langton get access to the BDUK and KCC funded "Superfast Broadband" being rolled out in phases, then if you want actual fibre to your house (i.e. more than "upto 80 Mbps") you are going to pay dearly for the privilege, and commit to a THREE YEAR contract.


This gets you "upto" (HA!) 330 Mbps to you and 30 Mbps to the internet, PROBABLY. They don't even guarantee this, due to the technology used to asymmetrically connect the fibre.

This is BT's view of FUTURE stuff ... where we MIGHT end up, and the best BT will provide to Speldhurst and Langton without further money from the public purse. I'm not waiting for that. FTTH by the community is the way to do this, removing the profit burden from BT, who admit they don't want to self fund rural equality for broadband access. It's our duty to save them from this!