This thread is intended to discuss how we can get local folk to use Twitter (or something else) to coordinate some performance tests against the NDLAN telephone switch.

We'd like to find out just how easy it is to flatline the backhaul, so that users who go online start to get a share of what's there, rather than the speed they were told they'd get by their ISP :-)

Here are some suggestions for tests we could run, coordinating them using a Twitter hash tag or an IRC channel maybe:

1) Start a download of a large (5GB) file concucrrently - run a BB speed test before starting, then run a BB performance test during the download. Start with 5 folk doing this, then 10, then 15 ... etc.

Obviously, the Twitter traffic may suffer a wee bit, but it should still get through.

2) Video performance - how many folk can we have watching an HD video source concurrently? 10, 20, 30?

3) Disable buffering and other "silly" configuration in BB routers provided by ISPs, then re-run tests 1 & 2 :-) This one is for techy-capable folk only, as twiddling bits inside your ISP router will be required.

4) More ...

Any more ideas?