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Thread: B4RN Show and Tell visit in Lancashire - B4RS went to see!

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    B4RN Show and Tell visit in Lancashire - B4RS went to see!


    B4RS went up to sunny Lancashire for the B4RN/Emtelle Show and Tell day on July 10th. I took lots of video, and while I was there an Electricity company cut through a core fibre cable and forgot to notify/tell anyone - lovely. This was repaired by "Alistair", a keen community helper and fibre splicer, in under 4hr 23m while the sparky company held back the 11 kV cable wearing thick wellies. Most of that delay was waiting on permission from the electricity company to get in the trench and stand next to the 11kV cable! It was all done officially, with correct permits etc. etc. None of the "amateur" accusations belong here - nay-sayers of community projects should take note.

    How long would a commercial telco have take to repair a fibre cut to a section serving 20-30 customers? A rhetorical question.

    This demonstrates the power and capability of a determined community to deliver a first class broadband service. More video and articles to follow in due course from the Show and Tell day.

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