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Thread: Vfast - anyone got any experience of them

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    Vfast - anyone got any experience of them

    As the broadband in Ashurst/Blackham is so terrible, someone on Thinkbroadband suggested trying Vfast ( ). I put my postcode (TN3 9TT) into their availability checker, and it came up as within their coverage area (although looking at their coverage map, it did not appear to be). Anyway, they apparently offer up to 24mb down/10mb up on their wireless fibre network. I've placed an order - but am not holding out too much hope of them being able to install here. If they do though...happy days.

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    Vfast in Blackham ...

    Do you know the technology they use nowadays? Is it still WiMax?

    It used to be. The monthly traffic limits are diabolical. for anything less than the AirFibre Max produc at at 24.99/month, and there's a 12/24 month tie-in. Can't fault you for trying it, as we're watching BT closely as they spend their BDUK money and upgrade "specific" cabinets. We are redesigning the B4RS network based on the knowledge we get as the BDUK rollout progrsses. What we know just now suggests Ashurst and Blackham will gain little or no benefit from the Kent BDUK project, as they're too far from a cabinet and too close to a county boundary. A consequence of government/council funding of a project - political boundaries muck with technology.

    Watch the "up to" rubbish ... sigh. That just needs to be banned by the regulator, so that ISPs bill based on what is delivered using an industry standard metric such as 95th percentile or similar. The only losers with "up to" are the end customers - you and I.

    Let us know how it goes, including the application and install process. It's always preferable to have facts over fiction when discussing alternatives

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    Oh - and it goads me that Vfast and BT are really laying on the "fibre" broadband advertising rubbish, when neither broadband offering has anything to do with fibre in the final delivery to the house. The ASA is permitting this, which is incredibly naive of them, and doing the public a dis-service.

    "Airfibre" indeed, from Vfast - tut, tut.

    BT's recent "Dad" advert, with the young geek talking to his father - the number of times the word "fibre" is mentioned is astonishing. They know exactly what they are doing, and the ASA and the government are letting them get away with it. It's behaviour like this that motivates me to get involved with B4RS. B4RS is doing fibre. Nothing else.

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    In fairness, I think Vfast do state what they have on their website. A fibre network with, I guess, wireless transmitters (WiMax). Not being an expert, but it seems to me that effectively their transmitters are the equivalent of the "cabinet".

    Service I've received so far has been good (but aren't all ISPs great when signing you up!). The sales person could not tell me which routers they used, so transferred me to technical support (answered immediately). He was not sure what the "high powered router" option make/model was, so went and got one for me to confirm. Vfast also said they'd send an engineer out to review whether an install was viable for where I live - with no commitment.

    To be honest, I don't think its massively expensive (17.50 up to 37) - and if Vfast works for me, then I won't need a home phone line anymore - so the extra spent on the broadband would be saved by not having to pay BT anything again. Anyway, I've gone for the 37 option (24mb dl/10mb ul, unlimited - but really restricted to around 300gb pm). I'm expecting an engineer visit in 2 or 3wks time, as I'm off on holiday shortly. Will let you know how it goes.

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    Denied. Not in range apparently. Oh well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shempz View Post
    Denied. Not in range apparently. Oh well.
    I didn't want to jump the gun and spoil your day ... but that doesn't surprise me. Their coverage map is a bit ambitious.

    On another note ... have you got a whitebox yet? Want one?

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    I know....but we can always live in hope!

    As for the Samknows whitebox, I haven't got one...but yes, I'd love one, if there is one going spare.

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