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Thread: KCC/BDUK Cabinet Upgrades

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    Interestingly, although my postcode (TN3 9TT) has disappeared off the Making Kent Quicker website, checking on my postcode is due to be "upgraded" as part of Phase 6 of the East Sussex broadband project by the end of this year.

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    No indication of what "upgraded" means?
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    One of the FAQs...

    Is my community one of the areas that will only get 2mbps?

    Unlike other local authority projects, the eSussex project is upgrading every broadband exchange area. This means that it is very unlikely that whole areas or communities will miss out on significant speed uplifts. It is much more likely that individual premises or very small groups of premises will be in the 'universal service commitment' category (at least 2mbps)

    That will be me of the "individual premises or very small groups of premises"!

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    Hello B4RS after a long absence !

    You might like to see the disgraceful state of affairs in rural Surrey. BT are running rings around Surrey CC who seem powerless to intervene. Have a look at the comments too.

    Kind regards,

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    Thanks Walter.

    The EO lines went live on Monday this week, which means I too have ordered my FTTC circuit(s). I have a lot of copper into my house, so more than one connection. The reason for th edealy, was down to "administrative problems" with the ordering system, as the patching and line bonding in the PCP was completed end of March. Competence, once again, which unnecessarily puts a bad light on the project.

    Anyway ... we will now see what kind of throughput I get, and how quickly the capacity is consumed. Once all the fast lines have gone, will BT ask for more money? Will they pay back what they are due under the BDUK terms, as takeup is higher than they forecast? Who knows - the public aren't allowed to find out, which is shocking and down to Ed Vaisey.

    Of course, the really rural folk, and those with bad copper from their cabinet are out of luck until B4RS helps them out, as BT won't be getting any more money from the public purse, nor will they be replacing copper that is well beyond its useful life.

    Good to have you back on the forum in any case!

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