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Thread: Article: Up-to broadband and Openreach data - nothing for NDLAN?

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    Article: Up-to broadband and Openreach data - nothing for NDLAN?

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    AS loyal readers of this site know BT are rubbish. If we could have a referendum to send them to oblivion, I would vote Yes today!

    Other news today is that due it seems to BT. much of the Govt's broadband upgrade voucher scheme for small and meduim sized business has not been taken up

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    I have had a statement from the project manager inside KCC, that the NDLAN Exchange Only lines will be available for VDSL ("Superfast", cough) by the end of March. Work is underway currently, finishing off the PCP (wiring cabinet) and DSLAM (the broadband bit, for "n" fast lines - "n" known only to BT).

    What happens when all of these lines are taken? Who knows ... maybe BT will ask BDUK and KCC for more money? They may also have to pay some of their BDUK money back, if the takeup is above their very conservative estimates. We won't be allowed to know any of this detail however, which is not particularly community centric. Communication is one of the biggest problems with the whole BDUK project.

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