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Thread: BT rules for "speed" discussions - what THEY define as a "problem"

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    Angry BT rules for "speed" discussions - what THEY define as a "problem"

    Hi folks, I'm attaching a Knowledge Base article from Zen Internet, that describes BT's view of "acceptable" performance in terms of the BT Wholesale products used to deliver ADSL Max (not ADSL2+) which everybody in Speldhurst Parish has just now.

    It makes eye watering reading, as really, there isn't any choice and if it's crap, it's crap. Take it or leave it, pretty much. Your guaranteed performance is between 0.05 Mbps and 1.2Mbps. Get over it.

    If your line provides 1000Kbps or higher 90% of the time, you can't complain. I pay substantially more for an IP Stream Max Premium line which guarantees me a whopping (ed: engage sarcasm) 1.2 Mbps in preference to the 1 Mbps everyone else gets. Of course, proving this requires a Whitebox from Sam Knows or similar as they get ants in their pants and ask all manner of test to be done before deciding it's a "line problem". To be fair, those test do need to be done, once ... then the problem needs fixing.

    Even if the NDLAN exchange is upgraded to provide ADSL2+ (up to 20Mbps), the guaranteed speed is either 2 Mbps (WBC profile) or 4Mbps (WBC Elevated profile) depending on how much you pay. The 20 Mbps they talk about is to suck you in.

    Anyway - for LOTS more detail, here's the link courtesy of Zen Internet. No login required.


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    Unhappy Zen internet and BT Wholesale - performance discussion - FUD

    So, I was getting 8Mbps a couple of years ago, then the kids point out to me before Christmas that games are loading more slowly daddy.

    So I start looking at the Cisco line stats for the ATM/ADSL interface. Yes indeed - lots of resets, degraded throughput. So I unplug my enterprise grade Cisco router and plugin the SpeedTouch 608W which Zen sell to "consumers" for their ADSL connections. One has to tick the "not not-invented here" box to get support nowadays, sigh.

    I see that my line attenuation is next to nothing (1.5dB upstream/3.0 dB downstream). I start to call Zen and discuss, with well informed, technically clever support staff. Refereshing, but that's why I pay for Zen, and don't use a "commodity" ISP with less technical 1st line helpdesk staff.

    Long and short of it is, there is something "wrong" with my line related to local exchange contention, and BTw (BT Wholesale - who provide the IP Stream product to Zen to resell ADSL connections) are recommending upgrading to WBC as the solution. Ummm ... WBC is BT's 21CN network version of deplpoying ADSL broadband. Also, not scheduled to be deployed into the NDLAN exchange, ummm ... ever at the moment. Intriguing.

    So, no solution, but I have a complaint registered, have ticked all the support boxes, and BT will hopefully respond and come clean on how little they intend to invest in Speldhurst parish in the near future. It's not in their commercial/shareholder interest to reveal that, so I'm not overly hopeful. If we don't complain, we don't discover.

    Community Fibre (FTTH) is the only way out of this rediculous situation where the governmanet gives our tax money to the likes of BT based on promises, with clearly contradictory motivations to keep shareholders happy, not voters.

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