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Thread: Samknows password issue

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    Samknows password issue

    Hi All,

    Just in case anyone has the same trouble as me. I receives my email from SamKnows with my email and password which didn't work for some reason.

    The solution was to click on the 'Forgotten Password' link which sent me a temporary password and allowed me to login and set a new one of my own.

    Good luck!


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    Yes, mine didn't work either. I contacted SamKnows and haven't had a response yet, but your solution works fine. Thanks.

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    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for letting us know about the problem and your solution, I'll stick that on the FAQ thread to help anyone else with the problem


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    Same problem for me . Thanks for the solution


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    Hi all, same for me too - a little too coincidental!?

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    It looks like there were a few people that experienced this, that's why the FAQ was set up in case of issues. Thanks for letting us know though, I'm going to lock down this thread now and if anyone reading this has a problem that cannot be solved by the password reset pleasecreate a new thread.

    Thanks all


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    For the most up to date solution, please go to the following thread:

    First item is "password for Sam Knows".

    IM me to chat

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    MAC number is also on a sticker on the cardboard outer box and on a white sticker on the top of the white box itself and so no lack of that bit of info.

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    Lawrence - I moved this response here, to keep the "Common problems/FAQ" thread clean - I'd prefer that to hold the end result of discussions, rather than the discussions themselves.


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