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Thread: How long until we see some data?

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    How long until we see some data?

    I'm sure I'm being impatient, but how long does it take for the graphs at samknows to populate with data?

    I can see packet loss and latency, but the download stream still claims to have no data. Perhaps the box starts out with smaller tests first?


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    Hi Ben,

    I don't know the answer to that one i'm afraid, if you are seeing the loss and latency it sounds like it is communicating OK but it may need to get a few more statistics before it is able to update the download details. Maybe give it another week and see what you get.


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    You should see something within 2 hours once it is talking back to base. That of course depends on how busy your network is when it attempts each individual test. It will attempt all tests once in each elapsed hour period.

    Do you have any statistics on how busy your network is?
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    I am in the same position as Ben Wrigley - only a small nember of the data charts show data in them - I have sent amessage to Sam Knows via their website asking when to expect to see data measurements across all the categories.

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    I'd give it 24 hours for some of the data points that report 24 hour periods. Although data may be arriving, the query at Sam Knows might want 24 hours worth of values before reporting the graph correctly.

    We can dig into Sam Knows a bit more after a day or so to ask why some values and not others are appearing in their reporting. I can also look into the raw results that are building in our own database, which is created from the Sam Knows database.

    FYI - we have 24 active units out of 63 deployed now which is great. Looking for 63/63 of course!
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    I've had my white box for about 3 months, and the graphs I see show download throughput data for midnight, 6am, midday, 6pm and then hourly until midnight. It misses out some of the evening download tests when the line is in use.

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    I see latency, packet loss, RTP packet loss and RTP jitter, and these all have a daily scale on the graph axis. All other measurements have a weekly scale, maybe we just need to wait a week?

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    You could be right, although my reports claim to be by Day and if I drill in it claims to have performed no tests. I'll wait the full week and see if anything starts to show


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    I emailed SamKnows help team a couple of days ago and just got a response saying that they had to 'rebuild the package for my unit' and that 'it will start testing shortly'.

    I haven't seen anything yet, but if people want to do what I did then:

    1. Login to your samKnows portal
    2. Bottom left is a 'Contact Us' link [Ed: Please don't - Sam Knows aren't setup to deal with direct queries. Please this forum! Thanks --RobL]
    3. I wrote: 'I installed a whitebox on 20th Feb and I can see latency and ping tests fine but so far I have no data in the downstream, upstream, DNS, website areas. Do I need to configure something differently or just be more patient?'

    I will post here again when it starts collecting data.

    Good luck!

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    What is the URL for the samknows portal?



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