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Thread: How long until we see some data?

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    Sorry Ivan,

    url is

    you'll need your password to login but doesn't sound as though you've received this yet from your other thread.


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    Ben - that's almost exectly what I have done too, with the same result so far. Still waiting for the charts that as yet are not showing any data to start working. Latency and packet loss are working as before so the box does seems to be performing some hourly tests.

    In fact I sent Sam knows a second email and got a second response as follows (my entire email chain with Sam Knows is pasted below) - any ideas anyone?


    I downloaded some video from iTunes yesterday evening at about 10pm, but that only took about 30 mins and I am not aware of any large downloads or uploads before or since then.

    Would that type of activity normally cause the white box to not be able to function properly and for the various charts not to be populated with data?

    What is the "threshold"?


    From: SamKnows Community[SMTP:COMMUNITY@SAMKNOWS.COM]
    Sent: 24 February 2012 14:33:00
    To: edward pinnell
    Subject: Re: speldhurst & SamKnows Reporting System - Contact Form [ ref:_00D206gmX._500D0HGOit:ref ]
    Auto forwarded by a Rule

    Hi Edward,

    We have built a new package for the unit, but your breaching your threshold which means your downloading and uploading a very large file.


    --------------- Original Message ---------------
    From: Edward Pinnell []
    Sent: 23/02/2012 22:40
    Subject: Re: speldhurst & SamKnows Reporting System - Contact Form [ ref:_00D206gmX._500D0HGOit:ref ]

    OK thanks - but can't see any change in the charts. the unit seems to be
    performing hourly test because i can see the results for Latency for
    example. But several other charts have no data in them at all including
    Downstream Throughput

    Edward Pinnell
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "SamKnows Community" <>
    To: <>
    Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 5:18 PM
    Subject: RE: speldhurst & SamKnows Reporting System - Contact Form [
    ref:_00D206gmX._500D0HGOit:ref ]

    > Hi Pinnell,
    > I have built a new package for the unit it should be back to normal with
    > in the next hour or so.
    > Regards
    > Mo
    > --------------- Original Message ---------------
    > From: []
    > Sent: 20/02/2012 21:33
    > To:
    > Subject: speldhurst & SamKnows Reporting System - Contact Form
    > Unit ID: Name: Pinnell EdwardEmail:
    > edward.pinnell@btconnect.comFeedback:
    > Unit #xxxxx

    > I installed this unit on Saturday evening 18th February 2012.
    > Since then the only data that shows on the various charts is for Latency,
    > Packet Loss, RTP Jitter and RTP Packet Loss.
    > All the other measurements say "No data for this time period"
    > Is that normal?
    > Thanks
    > Mohamed Issam
    > SamKnows Limited

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    Many people have now had their white boxes for week and so I am curious to know whether there is still a problem with viewing data, and in particular download speeds. If there is then we (the BB Team) can do some focused sleuthing to identify the cause and get it sorted.

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    For me at least the only data that shows on the various charts is for Latency, Packet Loss, RTP Jitter and RTP Packet Loss. All the other chart say no data available


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    I have received this email a few moments ago from another user:

    Still not functioning for down and upstream. My old fashioned way using even btspeedtester shows around 6.7Mb and 380 for the upload. These figures change very little. I certainly have not been very active using the internet so that is not a reason why it is not doing anything. Would seem they have a problem.

    I agree that there appears to be a problem. There is a meeting of the tech members of the Committee tonight so will put this on the agenda and try to get a quick fix.

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    Hi Ivan,


    Please do use this forum for any queries BEFORE contacting Sam Knows directly. The deal is we field as much help desk traffic as possible before we escalate to them. Ben's case does seem to be a configuration issue at the Sam Knows infrastructure, which we're happy to escalate when it's clear that is the problem.

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    In view of Chris Woodward's e-mail I am assukming that we do NOT contact SamKnows. But does anyone know when this bit of kit will start showing the information it was installed to gather?

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    Correct Jim.
    The units should be calling home within a couple of hours. We've raised a technical query with Sam Knows about the lack of Downstream Throughput statistics appearing in peoples' reporting graphs (some, not all). We're talking about it tonight in a working party meeting.

    We'll notify everyone via the forum when we've got a) an explanation and b) better information on what to expect, when.

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    Hi all
    I have been connected for the past few days and the only things I'm getting on the Samknows graphs are latency and packet loss as well. I have my white box linked to my bt home hub using the cable that the white box came with going into the blue box on the back of the white box. As I am wireless I have nothing to plug into the yellow boxes on the back of the white box. I'm starting to wonder - am I connected up properly??

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    There appears to be a bit of a common problem with the viewing of certain parameters (incl download speed) and Rob is working on it now - I suspect your unit is connected OK

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