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Thread: How long until we see some data?

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    Hi All,

    I'm pleased to say that my unit is (as of 5pm yesterday) running all the tests.

    Obviously I did the wrong thing by contacting SamKnows (slap wrists) but it did work.

    @lawrence, perhaps you can use mine as an example of what needs fixing when you contact SamKnows? unit id #20489


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    Just to let people know that my downstream and upstream throughput measurements ( and others bar video streaming) have started. Having just started they only show as a point on the graph but if I look at the detail I can see it started at 5:00pm yesterday. Hopefully now coming on for everybody else.

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    Statistics reporting problem ... RESOLVED.

    Andy and Ben,

    There was no magic here ... I had a conversation with Sam Knows, and there was a configuration problem which was quickly fixed once we had some unit numbers and examples to represent the issue.

    It's much better for one of us to engage with Sam Knows on your behalf, as they are a small team (not much bigger than we are) and can't deal with large numbers of questions from a large user base. To be fair, once these things are up and running, they're pretty much "lights out", set and forget.

    I'm getting close to releasing my own GoogleMap soon, which is much more exciting than the Sam Knows reporting page [SMILE].

    Thanks for your help in diagnosing the stats problem via the forum.

    IM me to chat

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    Hi Ben,
    More reports are coming in of fully working units so am hoping we are now all up and and running.

    PS What does the "jamming" element of your email signify?


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    Mine also working now - but the figures are more depressing than I feared!

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