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Thread: getting registered with samknows

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    getting registered with samknows

    well, I have set up my white box, ( yesterday am) registered on the forum all I need now is to register with samknows. I am not sure if I was missing some information, I had thought it was on the single piece of paper in the box, but it seems not. I have been onto the samknows website and registered as a volunteer, and heard nothing.

    where have I gone wrong?



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    Hi Ivan,

    I found that within about 24 hours of plugging in my box I got an email from samknows with all the details of how to login.

    Did you get an email from them?


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    I have received an e-mail but it is very much linked to an initial approach with no acknowledgment that I already have a box. Has my box registered on the system anywhere?


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    Just received my password (and having reset it) can now see some data, albeit packet loss and latency only. Progress !

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    Ivan, it does take sometime for the Sam Knows back end systems to generate the Email. All the units are registered in advance by us, so all you should have to do is plug it in and watch the statistics build. The initial password for the Sam Knows website should be the MAC address of the whitebox, which went wrong for some users, but has been fixed for boxes that haven't "called home" yet. The password reset process fixes that anyway, as it is tied to your Email address.

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