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Thread: I may be paranoid but..

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    I may be paranoid but..

    I only ever watch TV via catch up on my laptop (usually behind spreadsheets or other work i'm doing), or by watching On Demand from our BTVision box - (also internet based).
    as I say, I may be being paranoid, but since I plugged the white box in, my speeds seem to be worse than ever! I was down to 0.78mb last night! (Tuesday 21st Feb at about 8pm).
    I had a look at the data on SamKnows, but as with others who have posted, I can only see packet loss and latency.
    I know this is not supposed to make a difference, but I do wonder if anyone else has had the same experience?

    Really pleased to be a part of this project and looking forward to seeing the data collected (and using my data as ammo!)

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    Hi Tracy,

    I thought it was me being paranoid, but I think I may be having the same thing. I use Netflix and for the last few days it simply doesn't work now.

    If I reboot my router and run a speed test I get about 1.8mb which is the best I ever see. Within a few minutes I'm down to 0.25mb.

    It could be a coincidence though.


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    Hi Guys,

    The connection between your router and the white box will run at 100mb, your broadband is running no-where near that speed so there's no real way that the white box can slow down your internet unless it happens to be doing something the same time that you are using it at which point it should shut off.

    The white box cannot interfere with your broadband connection and sync speeds at all, it is entirely isolated from your phone line as your router handles that.

    For completeness though it would be useful to know what make and model broadband routers you are running? Also, if you are able can you tell me what firmware you have on your ISP router and finally what ISP you have that would be helpful. As for the stats, let's give it a week to see if the rest come online.



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    Hi Graham,

    I don't think it is the box, I think it's just a coincidence. I was going to do some more analysis first and come back with some results, but haven't had time yet.

    What I'll do, just to disprove is to run simultaneous speedtests from one PC directly connected to the router and another into the white box.

    My Sky connection is so unreliable that I'm far more inclined to blame them/BT!


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    Our evening download speeds for iplayer have been so poor for 6 months or so that we never stream programs, we always download them in Windows Media Player format and watch them offline. I know the download facility use not to be available for every catch-up system and isn't always available for every program, but that's the only solution I've found. I doubt your problem is linked to your WB, more likely to your neighbours internet use.


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    Do be aware, if you do that (concurrently), you are skewing the Whitebox results, as latency will appear to be increased and the whitebox may start an http download speed session, completely unaware that your other PC is thumping the circuit.

    Simultaneous isn't what you want - running the same speed test, once through the whitebox, then directly on your router with your whitebox switched off, is probably what you want. Do remember to switch the whitebox on again afterwards and unplug the PC directly connected to your ISP router, connecting it into your whitebox again.

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    Excepting certain times when our neigbours would have been downloading (they have moved) I haven't had a problem until the past 10 days or so.

    We are out of contract and do not want to move supplier/change packages until we have some ammunition (I refuse to pay more for the same speeds, which is what is likely to happen as the package we are on, no longer exists)

    Our Router is the black, curved BT Homehub approx 3 years old. Firmware? No idea! isp is still BT.
    Hope this helps.
    I appreciate your stats on the WB - 100mb speeds etc and it should not interfere with the broadband, but as I do use flashplayer every single night via iPlayer/ITV Player/ 4OnDemand/SkyPlayer, I can honestly say my speeds have greatly diminished recently - fair enough, perhaps coincidentally, but I have NEVER been down the the lows I have experienced this week.

    Just checked and am now getting data in required tables - except video streaming, which is the bit that's playing up and driving me insane!
    Related or not - in the past 10 days or so, I'm getting 'ip address conflict with another system on your network' - or words to that effect
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