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Thread: Monthly reports

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    Monthly reports

    I have received a monthly report from SamKnows, are these reports any use to anyone, if so do you want them forwarded ? As they give averages and the highs and lows for the month it might be of use to put together in some form of table / graph, just a thought !


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    SamKnows have confirmed that everyone for whom data are being recorded should receive a monthly report. It is for your own information and use. For example, if you clearly have a very poor download speed at certain times of the day/night, then you will be able to present the data to your ISP and request action to give you improvement. BT appears to have a minimum download threshold of 600 kbps - if at times you fall below this then they may move you to a new card at the exchange that has less users on it and hence a lower level of contention, but it will need to be your ISP that argues your case.

    Rob, as the administrator of the Parish white box initiative, is able to view everyone's data and so there is no need to pass him your report.


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    Many thanks, I thought as much but thought I would ask anyway !


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