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Thread: Significant drop in download speed

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    Had another call from BT India today but from a high level engineer from BT Retail. He told me that my line has NOT been capped but agreed that the evidence from doing the BT speed test indicates it HAS. He said they are going to do a "reset" on my line and then I should be back to 6.9Mbps after around 4 days (the time it needs to become stable). Of interest I have found a blog on precisely this problem on the BTCare Community Forum (paste into browser to view). A reset appears to have worked in that case. Has any other BT Broadband customer in ourForum done a speedtest using and found they have also been restricted to 2Mbps max?


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    In Pembury they have just been upgraded to 24mb. Since then my parents connection has been syncing at 248Kbps, down from 6Mb. It was so slow the BT speed tester crashed because it lost connection. Plusnet currently tell me there is no fault. Suddenly adsl max doesn't seem so bad!
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    All you have to do is prove that your ISP (BT I presume) configured the apparent 2Mbps limit, and that the "profile" being reported is actually a datarate limit, not merely a "profile" against which something is configured. The whitebox proves some of this. BT's latest advertising suggests "we'll tell you what speed you can expect before you sign up". Of course, the word "expect" is the way out with this lack of commitment.

    My point is, this is a battle. Wouldn't it be nice if the ISP was local, and actually had your interests as primary to its reason to exist, not a bunch of shareholders?

    As for BT doing something nice for BT customers, I'd like Zen to do something nice for its customers, which are reliant on BT infrastructure in our region. A much harder, Ofcom supported, non-monopoly position. Or do you support the BT monopoly with all the trappings that this brings?

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    BT's promised re-profile of my line within 7 days never happened. Still only confirged for 2Mbps (down from 7Mbps) and achieving only 1.79Mbps. Further call to BT India today. Many apologies from them. Now been given high priority together with a complaints number (a VOL) and promised fix within 4 days to take back to 7Mbps. If this fails I intend to write to Durham.

    By the way as this profile issue appears to be a common problem (?) is it not possible to use the collective White Box data as a general complaint to BT. There must be over a months worth of data available now. Surely most people would be happy to receive around 7Mbps (24/7) from BT (who I assume the majority of users are with) as an interim step in improving Parish broadband speeds. What are the Broadband Committees thoughts on this i.e to maximise what we already have as a first step?

    Paul W

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    Paul - BT and any other ISP, resell the IP Stream product operated by BT Wholesale. The IP Stream commitment, as far as I know (and BT aren't saying much) is to provide a minimum of 600Kbps 24/7. If you can get results that drop below this, then you have a chance of getting some airtime from them to fix it. Zen told me a result below 1000Jbps might be enough, but it's all rumour and hearsay (FUD).

    This minimum commitment effectively provides them with minimum design criteria to provide a backhaul to support a specific userbase (800 customers, say).

    There isn't any realistic hope of getting "everyone" close to 7Mbps, as that wouldn't represent good value to BT. Imagine everyone wanting to watch the Olympics 100m final on iPlayer at the same time. Just isn't going to happen.

    On the upside, I saw an OpenReach van down at NDLAN yesterday, putting in new metal cable trays. This means new wiring going in, for something. I also note NO notification of works on NDLAN from BT, so they're doing whatever it is they are doing, and keeping us in the dark, because they can. Maybe it's just scheduled maintenance, which is fine, of course.

    Here's a typical press article from Feb 2011 about the BT Infinity FTTC rollout.

    ives a great flavour on the "commercial viability" angle from BT.

    Say "no" to this, and vote for community fibre when it comes! [SMILE].

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    RESULT!! After a slightly warm conversation with BT (India) at 6 pm last night they pressed the right button and I have been returned to a download speed in the upper 6Mbps region (will take a little time to stabilise). I have attached two charts of interest. The first is the BT Speedtester result that now shows my IP profile is back to 7.15 - am happy with that. The second is the SamKnows download speed chart for the past 24 hours that shows they pressed the button immediately after my conversation with them. I now hope it stays where it is.

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    Well done Lawrence! To me it shows what BT can do if pushed. I think I am about 2/3 days behind you with them. I have been promised they will resolve my speed issue by Tuesday and return me to 7Mbps but not holding my breath.

    Paul W

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    Yes Lawrence well done.

    I am still limited to 2Mbps and am actually getting 1.85 or so. I had yet another conversation with India yesterday and was told that there 'may be a network fault' and it will be fixed within 48 hours and I'll get a call. I'm not optimistic.

    By the way I'm sure that all BT call staff are highly trained to 'verbally grovel' to customers with complaints. I got the same "Oh I'm so sorry" response a while back (nothing to do with Broadband) when I had issues with them.


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    Success. BT returned my download speed to around 7Mbps on Saturday morning (24/3). My "White Box" data shows it has remained between 6.9 and 7.2Mbps (24/7) through to now. The line has been re-profiled back to maximum of 7.15Mbps from 2Mbps using BT's own speed tester. Not experiencing any "contention" in the afternoon or evenings. It will be interesting to see how long BT maintain the 7Mbps before they "fiddle" with things down at the Langton exchange again! Needless to say I have had no comment from BT as to what the problem was or what the fix has been. I think the tip is to be persistant with BT, keep good records regarding speed test (much easier with the White Box) and as a last resort write to them in Durham.

    Paul W

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    Exclamation BT vs non-BT

    Thanks Paul.

    For the others that decided BT's flavour of broadband wasn't for them, the answer isn't as clear. Zen gave up on me, quoting "can't get BT to do anything, sorry". This sets a worrying precedent where the market isn't as "fair" and "open" as Ofcom believe it to be following many years of toil to separate BT OpenReach and BT Retail.
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