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Thread: Anyone any tips on how and where to complain to BT?

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    Anyone any tips on how and where to complain to BT?

    Looking at my dashboard stats I can see that although my download speeds peak at at the giddy heights of close to 3.9 Mbps at 11pm through to 5am, they drop to 0.5 to 0.7 Mbps from 5pm to 9pm, and vary at other times but it's usually impossible to watch a video clip ( ironically including BT's own instructional videos of course) without continual buffering, making it impossible for the kids to catch up on uni lectures etc. Anyone any suggestions as to where I might rant to some possible effect?

    Many thanks.

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    Hi Andy, I think I have covered this in one of my blogs. The best place to contact BT is at their Durham office. I will look up the letter I sent (that worked). Will send a model of it to you probably tomorrow because have to get off to London shortly.

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    If you take a look at the thread "Significant drop in download speed" this may be helpful in dealing with BT. Using the normal BT Broadband help contact number is a place to start. Do mention the White Box data and try to get a VOL (indicates they have recognised there is a problem and will deal with it) number from them. If all else fails then writing to Durham as Lawrence has suggested seems to close the loop. Good luck with your challenge.

    Paul W

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    Smile just email Bill.

    Bill Murphy is your man. Email him at and he will help. At least that is what he assures everyone on twitter. he's @watchingtheflow from his little green box.
    don't hold your breath though.

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    Hello everybody and greetings from west Surrey !

    In most circumstances it if usually better to do as much diagnosis as you can first keeping good records as you converse with your ISP.

    Complaints to BT are a pretty hopeless mission, even if BT is your ISP, and totally futile if you have a different ISP.

    Are you aware of the magnificent web site. There's a host of folk there only too willing to help with specific problems as well as comprehensive descriptions of broadband technology with tips to improve your service speed and reliability. As a brief starter, remove your ring wire leaving wires in terminals 2 and 5 only. Connect your modem directly to a filtered faceplate (SSFP in BT Speak or an alternative from e.g. ADSLNation) on the master socket. Keep records using a programme such as Routerstats or Routerstats lite.

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    Hi Andy,
    I can only say that writing to BTís Directorís Team in Durham sorted my contention problem and I now get absolutely stable 6.9 Mbps (I live close to the Exchange). The address is
    Directorís Team
    BT Correspondence Centre
    Providence Row

    Tell them you have Ofcom-accredited broadband performance monitoring equipment. On your SamKnows Dashboard you can call up the Downstream results. You can set the period for say a week or a month, showing that you get reasonable speed at 3am and poor speed late afternoon and in the evening. Do a screen print and then copy to Word and attach to your letter as evidence.

    My other post on this subject was


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    Thanks everyone for advice and help. Curiously the whitebox shows that my download speed has suddenly increased to a steady 3.9 Mbps for the last couple of days. Long may it remain but at least I know where to go when it next collapses.

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