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Thread: The bt street cabinets in langton green

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    The bt street cabinets in langton green

    This is some information about BT street cabinets that is of relevance to the BDUK/KCC broadband improvement initiative for Langton Green. The BT Exchange for Speldhurst Parish is located in Langholm Road, Langton Green. It distributes broadband services either directly from the Exchange (some 176 properties located close to the Exchange) or via a number of green BT street cabinets. Langton Green has 4 BT street cabinets, namely the Langholm Road cabinet, the Gipps Cross cabinet, the Newlands cabinet and the Farnham Lane/Dornden Drive cabinet. Photographs of these cabinets are attached. The cabinets serve those in their vicinity. Sometimes the “vicinity” can be quite large, as appears to be the case with the Langholm Road cabinet, which seems to serve as far afield as the top of Groombridge Hill. Other parts of the Parish are also served by BT street cabinets, such as the one at the end of Ewehurst Lane and the one by the wall on the hill outside Speldhurst Church.
    The existing cabinets have a copper cable supply from the Exchange and then provide a copper cable supply to the broadband/telephone users. A fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) broadband upgrade programme involves running a fibre optic cable broadband supply from the Exchange to a cabinet, but new cabinets have to be built. The end-users continue to receive their broadband service via a copper cable, albeit at a faster speed than the original all-copper supply. The new cabinets are usually larger than the old cabinets and also require a power supply and cooling. An example can be seen at the cross-roads by The Common in Rusthall (see attached photo). I have heard that each new installed cabinet and equipment costs in the region of £70,000.


    Cabinets at Rusthall crossroads - old and new.jpg
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